What To Do in Boston

Boston is a big city. Maybe not as big as New York, but still of a good size. So, what do you do in a city that has a bunch of opportunities? You take them.

If for some reason you can’t find something to do at BU (which is highly unlikely), you have an entire city to explore. So what to do in Boston.

If you’re a food junkie, there are tons of ways to get food in Boston. There are tons of incredible restaurants, one of the most famous ones is Max Brenner (renowned for its chocolate). Another few go-tos are Zaftigs, Noodle Street, Super 88, and there are tons more. You will never be short of food options. In tons of restaurants, food trucks are everywhere. If you aren’t from a city, food trucks are a staple of the city and you can’t miss them. From spring through early fall, the SOWA Market, which houses an array of food trucks and boutiques is open to the Boston public. If you happen to come to BU or simply come to Boston on a Sunday, visit the SOWA Market, you won’t be disappointed.

Next…shopping. Newbury Street is one of the most popular places to shop in Boston. It’s a long street lined with boutique stores. It is very easy to blow a good amount of money while on Newbury Street. It is also a good source for retail therapy. Another place to shop is the Prudential Center. Think of it like a mall but in the shape of a tower. Walking around BU or driving around Boston, you can’t miss the towering building. It’s a must-visit place.

Other fun places to visit are the museums in the area – the Museum of Fine Arts, the Museum of Science, multiple historical museums.

In addition, the Boston Aquarium tends to be a hot spot for students, families – Boston citizens in general. The aquarium never has a short line. And while you’re there you can even sign up to go whale watching.

At night, the city is still alive and there are again tons of places to go.

Boston is never quiet, something is always going on. With Harvard, MIT, Northeastern, Boston College, Emerson, and Tufts within a close distance, college students are everywhere. Unless you become a hermit, there won’t ever be a boring moment in Boston.


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