Fine Living and Fine Dining

Boston University offers a different variety of housing options: large dorms, small dorms, apartment style, and the student villages.

Two of the largest dorms on campus are Warren Towers and West (includes Claflin, Sleeper, and Rich Hall). Both of these dorms house majority Freshmen. Generally the rooms are doubles; however, there are rooms that cater to four students.

Sophomores through seniors can live wherever else they want on campus. Housing is guaranteed all four years, so unless a student wants to move off-campus, he/she does not need to worry about a place to live.

Some of the other housing locations on campus are South Campus (apartment-style), Bay State (brownstones), Hojo (small dormitory), BU apartments, Student Village 1 (apartment-style), and Student Village 2 (apartment and suite-style).

If a student so chooses, because he/she lives on campus, he/she is eligible to have a meal plan. There are six different plans students can choose from: 250 Plan, 330, Kosher, 9-Plus, 14-Plus, and Unlimited. The 250 Plan means that a student has 25o meals per year. The 330 Plan works the same way. The Kosher Plan gives a student ten meals per week. The 9-Plus Plan allocates a student nine meals per week – same for the 14-Plus Plan. Lastly is unlimited, which basically means a student can eat in the dining hall as often as he/she desires.

In addition to meal plans, students can also use Dining Points or Convenience Points to buy food. Dining points come along with a meal plan. The higher the number of meals, the lower the amount of dining points. Dining points can be used at any of the affiliated dining locations at BU. The same goes for convenience points; however, convenience points are considered cash and are added to an account either by students or by parents.

BU offers a wide variety of dining options from the dining halls to the George Sherman Union, Starbucks, and the variety of restaurants along Commonwealth Avenue.

In short, a student can never go hungry at BU.


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