Academic Life at BU

The academic schedule at Boston University can be challenging at times, but BU students come prepared. A privately owned institution, Boston University student population expands to 33,000 undergraduate and graduate students. These students pull from 130 countries.

BU consists of sixteen different schools and colleges like the College of Communication, College of Fine Arts, College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, etc. The university caters to more than 250 fields of study. Based on facts alone, Boston University is a very far-reaching, all-encompassing university. There isn’t a major or minor BU is missing, and if you happen to find one, then you thoroughly vetted the academic disciplines within each college.

As a freshman, the transformation from high school senior to college undergrad can be daunting. However, college becomes your new home very quickly and school continues to be school. You still have homework, exams, pop quizzes, and papers. Only difference is that all these classes are preparing you for your future career. Whether you come in undeclared or already know exactly what you want to do, BU will give you or already gives you (if you’re a current student) the opportunity to explore.

The next three years (sophomore year-senior year) is filled with the same homework and exams, but now you know where you fit. Eventually, everybody finds their niche. Whether it’s academic or social, nobody is left on the outside. The next three years help fine tune the skills and knowledge you will need when you enter the workplace. The next three years are your building blocks.

Whatever you want to study, do it at BU.


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