Ambassador Spotlight

Name: Katie Satko
Year: Sophomore
School: CAS
Major: Biology CMG and Psychology
Hometown: Westford, MA
Favorite BU memory?
Ugh, there are way too many to count…but if I had to pick two, I would say being a part of Global Medical Brigades and going on a brigade to Honduras. It’s such a humbling experience, and being part of this community has opened my eyes to new experiences and a new passion. I also just plain love meeting new people at BU. We’re such a diverse student body, and there always seems like you can learn new things from everyone on campus! 
Why do you Ambass?
Why don’t I ambass is the real question! I love BU more and more everyday, and it just seems like a perfect way to give back to BU and hopefully convince a few applicants that BU is their perfect school as well!
What is one piece of advice you would give for new ambassadors?
Talk to everyone! You’ll not only make friends and learn about your classmates, you’ll accumulate a ton of stories that you can mention on tour!
Favorite study spot on campus?
100 Bay State 4th floor or HTC at night 
What’s the strangest thing that’s happened to you on vacation?
Seeing a friend from lab working at Harry Potter World and immediately having horrendous flashbacks to gen chem. 
Guilty Pleasure?
Would have to be watching either Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, or Friends on Netflix for hours on end.
Dream Job?
An OBGYN or Orthopedic Surgeon 

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