Ambassador Spotlight

Name: Jeremy SingerFullSizeRender (16)

Year: Junior

School: Questrom

Major:   Business Administration

Concentrations: Management Information Systems, Operations & Technology Management, Organizational Behavior and Finance

Hometown: Denver, Colorado

Favorite thing about BU? 

It has small-school vibes with big-school opportunities. Seeing friends from classes, admissions, or other activities every time I walk on Comm Ave makes BU feel small. Its as though I have built my own community and created my own niche here on campus, even though such a large student population and campus would normally leave one feeling more lost and less found. Yet, all of the resources and opportunities associated with larger schools are ever-present, as well. While these concepts are separate, it is the combination of them that makes BU unique and special.

What is the one piece of advice you would give to prospective terriers?

Do not be afraid to fail. Until you are lost, you can’t be found, and as such failure is part of the course in life. So don’t be afraid to take a chance, enjoy some risk, and live and learn from the results so long as you remain true to yourself.

What are you passionate about?

Helping others, in every sense of the phrase. Nothing brings me greater pleasure than making someone’s day. If it is sharing some knowledge, a laugh, or just a smile and hello, it means the world to me because I know it just might mean the world to others.

Favorite study spot on campus? 

Student Atrium of StuVi 1. It’s not nearly as crowded or popular as the top floor of StuVi 2, but the view is every bit as stunning, if not even more so. Nothing beats a sunrise up there to signal the end of an all-nighter.

What’s something no one knows about you?

With my studies fully focused on business, few know that I have an aptitude with the arts. From ages 5 to 13, I was heavily involved in dance of all kinds; ballet to breakdancing and hip-hop, and back to ballroom. 8th grade saw a huge amount of stage acting, as I was cast in a leading role of a month-and-a-half long running play at the Denver Center of Performing Arts. High school included a myriad of metalworking, jewelry, drawing, and design courses, and I began writing my own short stories and poetry. Even today, I still write or sketch in my free time. But the great irony is that with all of this and a last name like Singer, I can’t sing to save my life.


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