Fiona Egan Takes on Dublin

fiona eag

Study abroad is an amazing experience that I think everyone should try and do. It is an amazing opportunity to explore another culture while continuing your academics. I had the privilege of going to Dublin, Ireland for the spring semester of 2015, and it was absolutely incredible, even more so than I could have ever dreamed. I did the Dublin Internship program, where I was able to take classes at Dublin City University that transferred to credit towards my major at BU. The second half of the program was spent at an internship with the Irish Wheelchair Association with which I had was able to work hands on with patients in both a group and one-on-one setting to really work on my occupational therapy skills. Not only was I able to continue my academic path so that I would not be behind when I returned to the university, but I was able to explore around the country of Ireland. I am 100% Irish, as my whole family is originally from there, so I was able to visit family and see new sites that I hadn’t seen before, and I was even able to continue Irish dancing classes while I was there! Along with traveling all around Ireland, I was able to go to six other European countries. That gave me the chance to get a feel for other cultures, and I cannot wait to go back and explore more in the future! I highly, highly recommend taking advantage of our study abroad programs here – whether you go to Dublin for a semester like I did, or go to anywhere else around the globe for whatever period of time, study abroad gives you the chance to meet amazing people and step outside your comfort zone to live and learn in a completely new place! Now’s the time to take advantage of this unbelievably amazing opportunity!fiona

fiona sb


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