Ambassador Spotlight

Name: Andrew BurwashFullSizeRender (7)
Year: Sophomore
School: CAS
Major: Chemistry:Biochemistry
Hometown: Ottawa, Canada
Favorite ambass memory?
Giving one of my first tours, I had my group standing around the BU Seal and had just finished explaining the legend. A current student walked between me and the group, directly across the seal. I actually shrieked a bit, and my tour group found it quite amusing.
What is the one piece of advice you would give to prospective terriers?
Get involved! There are so many opportunities at BU both academically and with extracurriculars. Take advantage of everything that BU has to offer.
Favorite book and why?
Thanks to having an organic chemistry exam this week, I would have to currently answer my Orgo textbook!
Favorite study spot on campus?
The top of StuVi2. There is nothing better than studying while watching the sun set on the city of Boston, especially in the winter when the Charles is frozen.
What’s something no one knows about you?
I’ve been playing the harp for about 12 years, and back home I often play in community orchestras.

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