Ambassador Spotlight

Name: Erin Minervini
Year: SeniorFullSizeRender (2)
School: College of Fine Arts, School of Theatre
Major: Theatre Arts, minor in Deaf Studies
Hometown: Cumming, GA
Favorite ambass memory? 
I loved Ambass hours my freshman year back when we were at 121. It was great one-on-one time with prospective families, and it was a nice way to meet other Ambassadors! And I loved that little closet under the stairs that totes made me feel like I was in Harry Potter.
What is the one piece of advice you would give to your high school self?
Have fun! Go outside, stop and smell the roses. Spend as much time as you can with your friends while you’re still home.
What is your guilty pleasure? 
A chocolate milkshake, french fries, and Netflix! (But I have no guilt about that.)
What is your dream job? 
I want to be a theatre artist! I’d like to travel and bring theatre to places that aren’t exposed to it. I want to empower the powerless, give a voice to the unheard, and tell important stories.
What is on the top of your BU Bucket List? 
I want to complete the Rhett’s Challenge, but I don’t eat meat… so, it’d be cool if I became a “regular” to the nice bagel man at Rhett’s. I love him.

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