Ambassador Spotlight

Name: Amelia Graber-LippermanFullSizeRender (3)
Year: 2017
School: SED
Major: Elementary and Special Education
Hometown: West Hartford, Connecticut
Starbucks order: Salted caramel hot chocolate (with whipped cream!)
Favorite thing about being a RA: I love putting on events as often as possible because they help me get to know my residents even better!
Favorite study spot on campus: Pickering Library in SED
Best part of being a member of ASDB: My favorite part of being in ASDB is getting to host prospective Terriers. I really enjoy getting to meet the potential future students who come to visit the university, whether they are just coming for a tour that day or staying long-term for Multicultural Community Weekend. By showing them my love of BU, I hope I am playing a significant role in their ultimate college decision. I was especially happy to hear that one of the girls I hosted last year during MCW is now a member of the Class of 2019 – I am really glad I could help influence her to choose BU. That is why I love being a part of ASDB.
What’s on the top of your Boston Bucket List: Going whale watching in the Harbor (and actually seeing a whale!)
Name three things you can’t live without: My friends (and “Friends” the TV show), my family, and dogs

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