Summer 2015 by Jene Wheeless

Summer Flyer - Updated

The 2015 school year is coming to an end. It’s bittersweet. Once finals are over, it will be nice to have the chance to sleep in on a Monday morning, not worry about homework, and not count down the days until Friday. But, friends go home and what’s better than being able to get together with friends over the summer?

For college kids, summer can be jam-packed. A lot of students fill their summer days with work, internships, trips, or classes. So, the summer may be just as busy as the school year. But that’s college right? College will always be busy. But, honestly, to be able to spend a summer doing something you want to do, that isn’t a bad deal, right?

Whatever anybody is doing this summer, it will be fun. Summer is always fun, full of crazy adventures and funny stories. For students who went through the rough Boston winter, the sun is happily welcomed.


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