Open House Season by Jene Wheeless

It has been a busy time in Admissions over the past month. We call it Open House Season, which basically means that on top of providing information sessions to prospective families, we also handle Admitted Students.

In Admissions we host hundreds of families. There is never a dull moment. But April takes the cake for the busy season. We require double the ambassadors (tour guides), more coordination, bigger tours, and more tours. On an average day, in one hour, you may see five tour groups up and down Commonwealth Avenue. Per usual, the parents have a multitude of questions, while the students (admitted and prospective) stare wide-eyed at all of the things going on.

Despite the rush of people in and out of Admissions, the staff and students help to make the situation run smoothly. The front desk is always manned, directors and speakers are always present, coordinators and tour captains are busy working with ambassadors and projects, and ambassadors pick up extra tours just to help out.

With all the bustle in Admissions, it is nice to see the faces of accepted BU students. We are the first people who get to see the Freshman Class of 2019, and nothing is better than giving a future freshman an insight into what makes BU.


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