Networking 101 by Molly Tobin

Networking Photo

One of the most valuable aspects of a large university that often gets forgotten during campus tours is the power of a strong network when it comes time for entering the workforce. As incoming freshmen, job hunts are pretty far off. This gives tour guides a perfect opportunity to separate BU from the pack and really stand out to prospective students and families.

Given the large alumni network of BU grads, there are many professional networking opportunities – the Alumni Association and its student-run counterpart called Terrier Connection, career fairs or information sessions  on companies. One of the most successful resources is the “Find Alumni” function on LinkedIn. The benefit of having tons of alumni is that they are far more likely to give you advice, or sometimes even an interview, simply because you share your alma mater.

This was told to me countless times, and after experiencing a job search first-hand, I now know why, and I will say it again: Getting a job depends more on who you know than anything else! One reason why BU is an amazing place to graduate from is that we automatically “know” 300,000 people. In my experience, alumni are more than happy to help out a fellow Terrier or at least refer you to someone they know. Moral of the story: Networks Matter, and BU students automatically have access to one that is incredibly widespread.


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